Treadmills and playgrounds

My go to for running is the treadmill. It’s at my house which makes it safe and easily accessible. It can get boring but I listen to podcasts or music while I run/jog. Today I ran 2.27 miles in 26 minutes. That is good timing for me. I ran the first mile in just under 11 minutes and it was an amazing feeling.

A’s favorite form of exercise is the playground. She loves to climb the structures and slide. We talk about the playground all the time. If we could have one in our living room we would. Maybe one day she will have her own gym in the house. I love that she enjoys being active. When I tell her I’m going to run she says “A run too.” I know it is important to instill good habits so we are starting young.

I’m ok with spending most of my days of the playground. She’s only little once.

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