Day 1 of 366

It is 2020. I would love to be able to travel back to 1920 in the city with their stylish clothing. Can we go back to that? Class.

Today I went with J, A, D, S, and C to spend some family time together. We did a drive thru safari park and then wildlife park. The place we went recovers nuisance alligators. There were so many!

Just a small portion of the alligators.

It was nice to spend time just hanging out and enjoying time with some of the most important people in my life.

I also signed up for a challenge to do 2,020 miles in 2020. All of my miles for the day will count; walking and running. I’m going to try and run more. It works out to 5.5 miles a day. This means I’m going to have to up my weekend game because I am usually lazy on the weekend. I am doing this for me.

Family time is my favorite. Here’s to 2020. May it be super successful.

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