Mom Life

What a week it has been. This past week I have not been motivated to run in the mornings, but have still managed to complete at least a mile (slowly) on my treadmill. Today I got up and ran 2 feeling more motivated because it is a 3 day weekend perhaps?

My precious A turned 3 this week and the sass comes strong with her. It has actually been around for a while. We started the adventure of potty training last Saturday and in the past 7 days she has used her potty a grand total of 5 times. It’s a process.

We are going to just chill at home this weekend. January seems to go on forever especially as a teacher so I am cherishing this time with A. We love to hang out and play and binge movies. She loves to sing and draw. I love to paint so we do some of that and she always needs a bath afterwards. These truly are some of the greatest times as her mind is growing and she wants to explore life. If I am going to run when she is awake and she has to stay inside with J she says “No mama I run too.” Already instilling good habits in her.

I bought a gallon water bottle and she seems to think it is hers. I need to get her a smaller version of what I have. This kid loves water. #healthyhabits #water

I plan on getting signed up for a 5k the weekend of Feb 8th. Need to get out and run in the fresh air and see what my time is when not on the treadmill. But miles are miles no matter how they are completed.

#running #girlmom #mamadaughtertime #minime #threeyearold #choosehappiness #responsibleformyhappiness

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