I need to write more…

I haven’t written in many days. Life is busy but I need to make time for writing like I do for running.

We decided to get passes to Busch Gardens. A loves seeing the animals. We love getting in the exercise and seeing the excite in her eyes every time we go.

I am still running. I ran a 5K in the beginning of February and brought my time down from the same race last year by 2 whole minutes. I wasn’t training very hard, but still so proud.

I ran 4.3 miles before I went to work one day last week and ended my day with almost 12 miles completed.

I need to sign up for another 5K. I want to start running with A in the jogging stroller. We will see if that happens.

It’s so busy at work. I am ready for summer. I need a long break and to do some soul searching. J has a year left in college and then lots of big decisions will be made about what and where our next adventure will be. There will be running and lots of girl mom stuff happening no matter where we end up.

#catchup #girlmom #running #getintoaroutine #maketimefortheimportantthings #passmembers #animals

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