Outside Run

I normally run on my treadmill in our garage in the early hours of the morning. Today was different I barely slept last night because my sisters, brother in law, nieces and nephew were leaving extremely early to return to their homes. When I finally did get a few hours of sleep I was not looking to run as A and J were both awake.

J recently got a new bike so we decided he would ride and I would push A in the stroller something I have never done while running. We set out on our 3.24 mile loop in our neighborhood. He rode ahead and slowly we made our way. He actually ended up riding about 6.5 or more miles.

I jogged and walked coming in with a time of 45:24. What a win with the crazy wind coming right at me and pushing a 28 pound 3 year old. I rather enjoyed it although the time part is longer it was enjoyable to run with her. I think we will do it more often on the weekends.

Now we play outside popping water balloons and playing with the bubble machine. I so enjoy these precious moments with the ones I love.

#outsiderun #strollerrunning #girlmom #makingmemories

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