Spring Break and further school closures

Being a teacher means spring break is a time to getaway for a week. Cool off before testing starts and the last few weeks of school commence with about as much crazy as the beginning of the year.

Appointments scheduled for myself and A so I don’t have to miss work and then a quick weekend getaway was our plan because J is on his break for college too. With the current situation of the world our plans have changed. Appointments will be kept but otherwise we will be staying in and trying to get creative with things to do with A. As of right now daycare is still open so she will get some time with her friends. Otherwise we will be practicing sight words by placing them around our house, reading about dinosaurs (A’s favorite subject), organizing, and of course running.

I have an extra week off so it should be interesting. Hopefully I can keep up with getting tons of steps in during the day. Yesterday I got in 3.25 miles and then got two tattoos. My first running tattoo and one ot honor A as I call her “Turkey”. The running tattoo isn’t finished. I’ve decided to add more after this whole virus blows over and life gets back to normal.

We will get out and jog with the stroller over the next few weeks. It will have to be early as these days are getting hotter.

I’m hoping the virus goes away or they find something to fight it. I wish everyone would stop and think for a few moments especially when shopping. Stay safe.

#running #girlmom #tattoos

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