3 weeks

Today marks 3 weeks since I’ve left my home. J does our shopping so A and I are not in contact with people.

I am ready to be able to spend time with people. I have kept up with my running on my treadmill. I did my farthest run 6 miles in 1 hour 16 minutes. It was amazing. I am going to continue to run on my treadmill and work on increasing my distance.

I am working from home now. We’ve completed 2 weeks of distance learning. I’m using my treadmill as a desk during faculty meetings. It’s nice to get in those steps during that time.

A is loving having me home all of the time. She is learning so much. We bought her an easel because she loves to paint and color. Our little budding artist. I love that she is interested in so many things. We work on letter sounds daily as she has mastered letter identification. She is great at counting even with objects. I love seeing her grow and learn. As she is learning, I am learning more about her personality. She is doing great things.

Who knows when life will get back to “normal” so I am enjoying this time. Normal of course will be something different. I think about what it will look like. I know I am going to continue to write. I have a few book ideas I’m playing with right now. I know we will get out and enjoy nature and businesses in our local comment. We will travel and visit new places. We will travel to see our families again. We are moving to other big step as J has a year of school left and with that will come a big move. As time moves forward with us at home it seems to be the perfect time to think of where we would like to go on our next adventure. I like to move J probably wants to pick a spot for at least a few years. A will be school age before we know it. Will we homeschool, send her to private school or public? So many decisions coming our way.

For now though we spend time just the three of us. We include family through social media sometimes. I think we get frustrated at times, but I truly am enjoying this time.

#coronavirus #athome #girlmom #running #life #enjoy

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