Planning and executing

I’ve been reading a lot of personal development books recently and one main theme is planning things out and then executing that plan. I’m trying. Mistakes are being made, but I’m going to make adjustments and continue to plan and execute.

This week I’m going to work on getting 10,000 steps a day. This used to be executed easily because of my job. Now that I am working from home it proves to be much harder. I get on the treadmill every morning and get in at least a mile usually more and this does jump start my steps for the day but then I work and end up sitting way more than I should. My back hurts from all of the sitting so I know I need to move. I’ll include A she enjoys “stepsing” with me. We usually make a game of it.

I’m going to be realistic and plan my runs too. I tried this last week and did not meet the expectation. I set the bar really high and tried to increase my mileage drastically which would’ve likely had me down with an injury. I adjusted and don’t look at this as a failure but rather a stepping stone to success. I will plan more accordingly and increase slowly and have one day with a long for me run increasing this distance over time.

I am enjoying all of the reading I am able to do during this time. It brings me back to things I love. This is putting things into perspective about what I want for my life and to show A to dream big and make plans to achieve those dreams. Dreams or goals whatever you want to call them, I am writing them down and planning. Life will be different in five years because of the changes and things I am reading and doing today.

I’m going to keep running. Soon A will be able to go do races with me. That will be fun and I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. I can’t wait for another race after all of this is over.

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