Potty training and running

Today I got in a mile and a half on the treadmill in 20 minutes. My first mile was 12 minutes. Towards the end of the run/walk my right foot started to hurt and my shin. I took it easy. While running A decided to crawl into her stroller with her banana and Nutella. She is 3 1/2 so we are working on getting this bathroom thing down. She peed in the stroller right at the end of my run. She went and got her wipes and new underwear and I changed her before moving on to my countdown workout.

She did some squats right beside me. Then as I’m finishing the first round of squats she poops. She is terrified still of pooping on the potty. Here we go again. Get her changed and while I’m finishing my workout she grabs towels to clean up the pee out of her stroller.

While this may not have been the ideal way for this to go it certainly is pretty much my every day. I used to run while she napped if I was running in the middle of the day, but we are at the stage where naps are not on a schedule anymore. I think she is trying to move away from them altogether. It so fun to watch her learn and grow, but I wish the potty was more consistent. She will get there.

#running #girlmom #pottytraininh #treadmillruns #accoubtable #myminime #teachingherearly #healthyhabits

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