Getting outside for a walk

Today I had planned on getting 3 miles in on the treadmill. I wasn’t planning on pushing myself too hard because after yesterday my right calf is a bit sore. I was just going to walk it out.

Well my darling little A had a different plan. She brought her lunch and MY falling water jug which she loving refers to as “her mommy water” to the garage to sit in her stroller as I ran. This normally works out fine for me she sits and talks to me as I go. Today not so much. She insisted that I carry her for a portion and then she was over it all and wanted to instead drag me in to “play toys” with her.

So I got in a whopping half mile. I went and played toys because she will only be this little for a short while and I won’t always have the luxury of working from home. #currentelementaryteacher

After getting off work in the afternoon and J was done with class. Summer semester started today #USFBulls I decided instead of grocery shopping we would get out and walk together.

We tell A we are going on an adventure and she is all about it. Even though we’ve done the same route several times she loves it. There was a slight drizzle when we started but it cleared up.

We saw so much wildlife on our walk today and I’m going to say they were all out because it stormed this morning.

I was texting my Gran these same pictures during our walk and she told me to not get near the alligators because “you and A would be like dessert but they would probably spit J out lol.” She really likes J but gives him a hard time all of the time.

We got in 4.19 miles in a very slow hour and a half. We also weren’t trying to go fast just enjoying each other’s company.

#walking #outside #girlmom #running #runninggirlmom #familytime #stayingaccountable #nature

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