Bubbles and buggies

Today I had to finish taking down the bulletin boards in my classroom. They are painting our boards and one wall in our rooms this summer. I just hope whatever room I’m in next year has 2 whiteboards and not a chalkboard on oneside. That’s something to worry about later.

After I got home I jumped on the treadmill to get in 2 miles. It took around 30 minutes. My right calf is still pretty tight so I’m going to take it easy the next couple of days and stretch and roll it out. Hopefully that will be good.

On the upside it’s beautiful out and A decided she needed to play with bubbles even if there were buggies outside. She is downright terrified of these Florida lovebugs. I have never heard someone scream at such a high octave before.

#running #girlmom #buggies #florida #takeiteasy #accountable

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