I woke up this morning before A and J. I thought I was going to get in a nice uninterrupted run. And then I realized all of my sports bras were in the washing machine. I am not one that can run without a sports bra that would hurt a lot. I’m a bit envious today of men and women that don’t have this issue.

Instead I started the washing machine and the coffee pot. I looked at the baskets of neglected laundry that needed folded and set myself to that task. I then went to thin out A’s dresser. She’s so petite so even though 2ts and some 18 month fit her waist they are no match for her height. I also am getting rid of all of these jeans because they are ridiculous. Potty training and wearing jeans do not go together and it is too hot here in Florida anyway. Maybe when we move to where there are four seasons we will both wear jeans.

As I’m going through her clothes A wakes up. I hit pause on the podcast I was enjoying to get her breakfast: blueberries, yogurt, and a cup of milk. Along with her morning medicine routine: Zyrtec, flouride, and a vitamin. Got her set up with her dinosaur show and back to my podcast. I finished that and soon J was up.

I decided then that I was super jealous that a friend had a hair appointment set for this afternoon. I called the salon I had been put on the wait list for and they had an opening for less than an hour from the time I called. I jumped on it because my hair needed it badly.

That was the most relaxing part of this day. She massaged my head for like 10 minutes and it was heaven.

I came back and got in just over a mile in 13 minutes. I also got our carseat roller for our upcoming trip and my compression socks. My legs feel amazing with these on.

I’m so excited to have them especially since we will be flying soon. On another fun note A loves to check for and open all of the boxes we’ve been getting.

#running #girlmom #accountable #compressionsocks #brooksrunningshoes #ghost12 #morethanmiles #me #selfcare

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