Better late in the day than not at all.

I was just going to go to bed without getting on the treadmill today. My head hurts and I had an unexpected root canal today. My whole face is sore. I have a headache. All reasons I told myself that would be acceptable for not getting on the treadmill.

Then I told myself to go and just do it. I walked two miles in 40 minutes. It was very slow, but it was faster than everyone that was choosing not to do it at all. I’m doing this for me.

Well after that I still hadn’t hit 10,000 step for the day so I started picking up things that needed put in their place. Then A notices I was randomly walking around the house and she told me “I need to go stepsing.” Her way of telling me she wants to walk with me. We always make a game of it. I hit 10,000. Now I can take some more medicine hit the shower and go to bed. I have a virtual staff meeting in the morning that I will be on the treadmill for.

#running #girlmom #stayaccountable #betterlatethannever #stepgoal #myminime #healthyhabits

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