Late and early

Yesterday I met my step goal late in the evening. I made it walking around the house with A. She loves it as I’ve said in previous posts. Better late than not at all.

Today I made myself get on the treadmill before coffee because A wasn’t out of bed yet. I got in just over a mile before she found me.

I’ve been having issues with my right calf. Today I’ve been keeping it elevated and icing it. That worked this morning and I’m doing it again as I write this. I am going to take tomorrow off from getting on the treadmill and any unnecessary walking. I think it needs this rest. I will use the dumb bells and get in a nice arm workout instead. Hopefully taking it easy will make this go away. If not I will be contacting the doctor.

I did get a new fitness tracker watch today. I’m pretty excited to see how it does compared to my other tracker.

#accountable #running #girlmom #rest #easygoing #armworkoutupnext

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