June and all the possibilities

The start of a new month means new goals and lots of possibilities. I have been thinking a lot over the past few days what June will look like for me. I’ve come up with a few things.

First, I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes this morning as the first day of my training plan for my first half marathon. I am following a 12 week training plan so I should be ready to go by the middle of August, so right after school starts and back to work I go.

Second, I picked out a few of those challenges from Pinterest to follow for June. I printed them out so I can mark them off daily. I did 30 squats and 5 standing push ups. I also did an arm and shoulders work out with a five pound dumbbell.

Third, I am going to write down what I am eating daily so I can monitor my intake. I currently do intermittent fasting and I will continue but I want to watch closely what and how much I am eating.

Fourth, I am going to continue writing here. Maybe not every day but at least every few days to stay accountable. I enjoy writing here. I enjoy reading other blogs as well. I have some other writing things going on with writing that I am doing by hand. I hope those come together.

Fifth, I am going to continue to enjoy my time with A and J. We have some fun things planned for June. I’m going to write about A and her shenanigans. She is hilarious. We are going to continue to work on letter sounds and lowercase letter identification. She has uppercase letters down. She can count to 20 and identify numbers. She loves books so we will continue to buy books and explore them together. J is still in school so he will do that and we will continue to walk and talk together. We are still working on big vacation plans so we will work on that together.

Finally, I am going to get to enjoy seeing family in June. Lots of memories will be made. We love to experience different things and we will keep doing it. Im going to love June!

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