I did it.

Today well really tomorrow (a rest day) means I made it through week 1 of half marathon training. I had my best mile in a long time this week at 11:21. I’m loving my new Garmin watch.

Saturdays will be my long run days per the plan but I may have to do next week’s long run on Sunday which is fine. Today’s long run was 3 miles and I did not do great. I ate like crap yesterday and didn’t sleep well. Those things combined do not make for getting in a good run.

Another thing I’ve learned about myself is even if it calls for being a “rest” day I still need to move. Maybe just for now getting in a mile at my comfortable pace to keep me in that groove of running and eating right. I know I’ve got to get my eating under control too. It’s not horrible. I just love sweets.

Today I dedicate my 5k to the 76th anniversary of the invasion on Normandy beach D-Day.

#running #girlmom #accountable #dday #76years #navyvet

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