Family, friends, running, memories

Yesterday was our first day back at our home. A and I had been gone for two weeks and I had joined us last Thursday. A and I had been visiting my sister and her four kids in Missouri. We were there to help out, get some family time, and just make memories.

My sister lost her husband in April tragically. It was unexpected. I decided then that A and I would spend a couple of weeks there this summer. We had a delightful time. My sister had a nanny that is amazing. She and I became fast friends spending the days together with five kids.

Right before my brother passed they had bought a new house and we’re renovating it. I got to help move things to the new house. We spent a lot of time there just being outside. I had no cellphone service and she has no TV there. I drove the go kart, kids played in the water, on scooters, the swings, and just so much more. It was good for the soul.

A and I also got to go to southern Illinois to visit the rest of the family. One of my little sister’s had baby number 5 so we had the privilege of meeting him. A got to see more of her family. Her great Gran one of my favorite people ever.

J joined us on the 18th. He flew into Kansas City so we could go have our favorite BBQ ever! It was just as good as the first time we had it. If you are ever in KC check out Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ. Amazing!

My dad came up to spend the weekend helping to build a ceiling and hang drywall. J was there to help too as he used to be a carpenter. My sister’s two oldest kids and their uncle came to help. It was Father’s Day weekend. All six of my sister’s kids got to hang out together and me and sis got to spend time with our dad. It was nice.

Sunday evening we found out my newest nephew was being admitted to the hospital with a fever. At two weeks old this is super scary. My dad took us to the airport to fly home Monday afternoon and my nephew was transferred to a children’s hospital. They are working to figure out the cause of infection. We may end up back there to help with her four older kids. What a scary time. Some things have been rules out so that is good, but we need more answers. Hopefully soon.

A is enjoying being back at home. She pulled out so many toys yesterday. We did get into a nice routine with lunch and nap while at my sister’s so I’m hoping that continues, but it’s 5:37 am and we’ve been up for over an hour already today.

I did run and continue using dumbbells while away. According to the scale at my sister’s house I lost five pounds while I was there. I did mess up my foot the first Thursday I was there so my mileage was not what I wanted it to be. I’m going to have to get back up to the mileage I want. I will get there. I did put A on my shoulders and walk up and down a hill at my sister’s new house. That was a workout all on its own. I did run a mile yesterday at home and I’m thinking that the way I stroke the treadmill is pulling on my calf as it started to feel tight again yesterday. Maybe I will wear my compression socks they do seem to help.

I’m going to continue to run. The plan is to run a half in August. That will be an early morning run as the Florida heat will be worse than it currently is. I’ve got goals and I’m going to crush them.

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