Looking forward not back.

It is the last day of June. My plans were high for this month and they did not pan out as planned. It’s ok though. I’m looking forward and not back. It is okay to fail. If everyone succeeded the first time life would be super boring.

I had started that half marathon training. Then went to Missouri for two glorious weeks to spend with my sister, nieces, nephews and A. J joined us at the end. It was amazing but I didn’t stay on track. I hurt my foot and was just enjoying the time. I needed that time.

Time to refocus and make more positive steps in July. I’m reading a couple of books on self development. I am going to restart my challenges. Maybe writing every day is what will keep me accountable and on top of things.

Sadly we cancelled our trip to Boston because of COVID19. We want to be able to experience everything the city and surrounding area have to offer so we are planning for a different time. I’m very sad about this. In the meantime J is going to build me a desk for our shared office. I got desktop computer and just bought some writing software so I can work on the two books I have started.

A and I have been keeping a pretty good schedule daily. Eating at the table which has increased her eating. Painting almost daily. Imaginary play. Reading so many books. I am really going to miss this time when work starts again. We are hoping to get her into a preschool near J’s college but possibly one very close to our home. We shall see what happens as August nears. I’m going to soak up our time together.

I am going to continue to work towards running a half. It may get pushed back. It is hot hot hot here in Florida and we haven’t ventured out to get outside miles and running on the treadmill has been super boring lately. May try to move things around so I can set up the TV so I can turn on a show while running. I think the longer distances would be easier outside but we would have to get up super early or wait until late and neither option is great for us right now.

My intentions for July. Be present. Be realistic. Be honest.

I will read more to grow as a person. I will read more to understand my new role that starts at my job in August. I will write more.

Here’s to a new month. Learning new things and learning new things about myself. Make small changes to see the big changes in time.

#running #girlmom #accountable #intentions #goforward #writemore #aspiringauthor #family #smallchanges

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