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The second day of July 2020 and I am crushing it. I have been reading a lot of books on self-growth. One of the things that has stuck out is setting attainable goals. I know this to be true. I am a teacher by day and we talk about this all the time. Why it is just sinking in to my personal is beyond me.

As I said I am crushing it. Yesterday I ran a 5k and today I ran 4.5 miles. I was really aiming for another 5k but my watch was being weird and when I went to calibrate it with my treadmill it wouldn’t because it hadn’t even registered that I ran 1.5 miles. Ahhh!!!!! I kept going. Then at an hour or 4.5 miles today I stopped and decided I would just adjust it in the app. I knew how far I had gone even if my watch was being crazy. Turns out I hit “walking” instead of “treadmill” when I started so it was trying to track my GPS. While this means I don’t have my splits for today’s run I still did it. Even more I am over 10,000 steps and it is barely the afternoon for me. This is something that really hasn’t happened in a while. Victory!!!!

Yesterday while I ran my 5k (42:28); A sat with her book and reading pen and read while I ran. Then after I was finished I did my squats, push ups and arm workout. A did the squats with me and she even counted out loud. Showing her good habits at her young age. Reading and exercise. We went inside to stretch and she did it right along with me. I love having these moments with her.

More self-growth I am working on my priorities doing things today that future me will be proud that I did. One thing that I know is going to be on my daily to-do list is writing. No matter if it is here, in a journal, or working on the books that I am writing. I know that just writing a few words every day will get me that much closer to my goal of finishing those books and a step closer to publishing. Another thing on my to do list is of course to do some sort of movement (probably running, sometimes walking) daily. This is a healthy choice that will not only help me achieve my weight loss goal, but my overall health goal of being stronger and healthier so I can do more things with A. Third consuming less sugar. I LOVE sweets, but they do not make me feel good. I am going to work on replacing processed sugary foods with better choices. Less sugar in my coffee more water (although I do try to drink a gallon a day already) so maybe not more just get in my gallon. Instead of eating cake I will work on having a piece of fruit. I know that these choices will make my body feel better and help me meet my health goals.

Goals are a big deal. People talk about them all the time, but in order to achieve them steps have to be taken to get there. I’m going to start with small steps. Today being day one of those small steps. Less sugar! More writing! I know that set backs and “failures” will happen along the way, but instead of looking at them as failures I will look at them as learning points. I think if we call something a failure it means I don’t plan to get up and try again. I plan to keep crushing it so I’ll have learning moments and just keep looking forward.

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