Keep going

I can’t believe it is July 9th already. I have been doing so well with my running and being accountable. I set up a journal sort of a bullet journal to track different things: days I’ve met my step goal, runs, appointments, birthdays, weight loss, and a journal.

For the journal I’m using prompts that I found online. It’s daily for 31 days and I’ve been doing it every day. I’ve been working on writing two different books. It’s a dream of mine to be a published author.

We bought A an iPad so she can use She is cruising through the first preschool level. She and I have being having art time every morning coloring. It’s nice to just spend time with her unplugged. She likes to have music playing so we have that set up. It’s so nice just enjoying time with her.

I’ve been sticking with running and working out. I’ve been making healthy food choices. I’m losing weight and more importantly feeling stronger. I am now planning my workouts weekly on a whiteboard that hangs by my treadmill makes it so much easier.

Next week was supposed to be our big vacation and I’m so sad we can’t go. I will continue to work on me and spend time with A and J. We are making so many memories. I head back to teaching in just under a month. I’m buying I masks and will be wearing one every day. Scary times we are currently living in. I will continue to run to keep my head clear.

#running #girlmom #update #accountable #stronger

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