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I named this blog RunningGirlMom for a few reasons; I enjoy running and I am a girl and also I am a GirlMom. Mostly I’ve added bits and pieces in about my beautiful daughter that I just call A here and then I tend to talk more about running or what is on my mind. All of this is okay because it is my blog and I can do what I want.

I’m going to continue that today, but add in just a little more about A. She is so cool. A is a young bouncy full of life three and a half year old little miracle child. She is the daughter of a teacher (me) and a college student (J). We are both Navy veterans so she gets that label as well “daughter of veterans”. Her vocabulary is amazing because she is around adults and picks up on words and uses thems much to our surprise. The other day I told her that we didn’t have something and she responded with “There’s plenty mom.” Yes that is what she said. I just looked at her amazed. She really is fun.

She loves to hang out in our garage while I run or do any sort of working out. She likes to be out there when J is building. However, power tools are too loud for her so we keep her away when those are out. She likes to exercise alongside me. She will count the number of squats and join right beside me. She likes to stretch with me too. I love being able to instill healthy habits for our young daughter. We are teaching her to be fierce and have a no nonsense attitude. She loves the word No. Hahahaha.

I’m surprised she hasn’t started asking “Why?” yet. She will get there. I think it will happen when she starts actually reading. She has so many books in her collection and loves to look through them. She loves be read to all the time. J and I both love to read so I think it comes as no surprise that our child is interested in books as well. It is amazing to see her on her games just listening to stories and playing learning games. I’ll make a runner out of her soon. Although she already does run through the house yelling “super cat speed.” Thank you PJ Masks for that.

As for me I have kept up with my running. I am getting more into my groove again. I ran six miles on Saturday and while I didn’t run fast I did do it. J set up a TV in the garage for me and this morning I watched an episode and a half of my all time favorite TV show Bones while getting three miles in. It was much more enjoyable to just go at a slow pace and watch the TV instead of be inside my head and constantly checking the time.

I also am working on finishing up a squat and push up challenge this week. Then I am going to restart them on the first. The pushups I’ve been doing against the wall. For August I am going to try and complete them by trying to do pushups on my knees. I know they aren’t “real” pushups but I am working on building up the strength to do “real” pushups.

I am working to build up to a half marathon as well. I think I should be there in a few weeks. However it is so hot I don’t know that I will be able to do it. I want to run it outside and this Florida heat is fierce. This fall seems more appropriate for an outside first half marathon. We will see how it all goes.

In the meantime I am going to keep running, playing with A, watching her grow and learn, and just be awesome. It’s a crazy time to be alive and I am just enjoying my family.

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