Running for a Cause

When I left my school for Spring Break in March I did not expect it to turn into months upon months of being at home. However, when things happen that you can’t control you find things to do. I had already been running pretty much daily so I mixed it up a bit and decided to add reading to my life. I have read about 25 books since quarantine began and this does not include all of the children’s books that I have read to my bubbly sweet 3.5 year old. The books I have read have mostly been about World War 2 or self-improvement. I have a great life one that a lot of people dream of and I am very thankful for the things that I have and I have worked hard for them. I felt and still feel that I can improve my situation.

I have read many self-improvement books and I am continuing to read more. I feel like a person can never have too much perspective on growing in your personal life. One thing that all of these books have in common is giving back. Apparently giving back is something that makes many people feel fulfilled. I knew this was an area that I could improve in. I had never felt that I had the means to do or felt very called to give to an organization.

After much reading (and even more time in my head) I figured out just what I should do. I have developed a love of running I ran 7 – 5k’s in 2019 and 1 – in 2020 (Thanks COVID! —-not) and I try to make sure I run on the treadmill daily. I am going to turn my intentional running miles into dollars for an organization that is close to my heart.

Through all of this contemplation about what really matters to me I realized that children (I’m a teacher), veterans (I’m a Navy Veteran), and active duty personnel (this used to be me) are people that I want to support. With this realization I decided to reach out to my friend and mentor Tony “Shaft” Walker. He recently established Operation Persistent Support in order to support those deployed around the globe. Shaft as I will as call him is a retired Navy Chief. He is knowledgeable and one of the most caring humans I have the privilege of calling my friend.

My mission total up the total number of miles I run in the month of August. I track this via my Garmin watch. I’ll post throughout the month with updates on mileage. At the end of the month I’ll post the total and then I will make my donations in dollars.

If you feel that you want to match my donation it would be much appreciated. Anything to help support this new and budding organization is helpful. I am looking forward to giving back. I am looking forward to getting the word out about Operation Persistent Support.

As of today I am sitting at 48.55 miles.

Go out and do more. Get involved. Do what you feel compelled to do. Find something that means something to you and support it.

Until next time,


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