The number 4

Today starts teacher planning week. My fourth year of teaching. I started the day with my normal morning routine albeit way earlier than normal 3 a.m. (maybe I should listen to the song…. Hahaha).

I had previously scheduled out my runs for this week so what a happy coincidence when today was a 4 mile run. Oh and my 4th year of teaching I’m teaching 4th grade.

I do enjoy numbers so this is interesting to me. I also keep up with an app that shows memories and today was my 817th day checking it on 8/17. Another happy coincidence. There were many good memories. In fact 10 years ago today I went to Hawaii with my sister and at the time soon to be brother in law. We had an amazing time.

Another important number for today is 59.35. That is my total intentional miles for this month which corresponds to how much money Operation Persistent Support is getting. That number will go up. Go check out the Facebook page! Like, share, and donate if you can. Give me a shout out. Tell Shaft I sent you! Tell your friends.

Here’s to an exciting, nerve wracking first day back to work in a pandemic. I’m ready to see people but still nervous. Happy school year.

Until next time,

Go for a run!


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