Morning, miles, meet the teacher

My mornings have been difficult the past couple of days. My sweet A has not been sleeping well probably because we are trying to get back into a routine and she is resisting. She did not go to sleep until 1 this morning had then was up before 6. She is currently watching WALL-E. Super cute movie!

I actually hit the snooze button once this morning which hasn’t happened in a while. I laid down for approximately one more minute and then told myself to get up I had things to do. Which I did. 5 miles that is what I had to do. It was already planned out and I wasn’t going to skip. Over the past three days I have put up 11 intentional miles on the treadmill. Eleven more dollars for Operation Persistent Support. Check out the Facebook page. Share it please. I will update my mileage so far for August and therefore the amount of money so far that is going to be donated to OPS on Saturday after my long run for the week.

Today is Meet the Teacher (I’m the teacher). It is so different this year because it is a drive thru event, then a virtual component. I am excited it is always good to see the faces of my students. This year there are quite a few since I am teaching virtually. I am going to make the best of it and try to make it as normal as possible. I have some of the same students as I had last year.

Getting ready for a successful day!

Then after work J, A, and I have a Meet the Family for A’s new preschool. I have to make a list of questions to ask so I know for sure I am comfortable sending her. These are crazy times we are living in and I only want her to have to go if it is absolutely necessary. I am going to remember to stay positive and worry about what I am able to control.

Until next time, go for a run, support something that means something to you, tell your loved ones how you feel, and support your local teachers as well.


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