Inside and outside

It is long run Saturday! I am typically an indoor runner. I run on the treadmill early in the morning usually before everyone is awake. It is my me time. I sometimes listen to music, podcasts, TV shows, or even watch a movie. I don’t run outside because I run alone and I don’t trust very many people.

Today I got up did my morning routine. Skipped getting on the treadmill and finished up some things for the first day with students on Monday. Then J still wasn’t up so I decided to turn on a show for A and hop on the treadmill. She soon joined me in our garage with her coloring book and markers. I turned on Interstellar and decided I would do my long 9 mile run at a very slow pace. It was going to be more of a fast walk than a run, but I would enjoy it and a mile is a mile no matter how slow it is.

I got through 3.25 miles before J popped his head out in the garage and asked if I still wanted to go to the trail and run. I said sure and hopped off. We got A together J got the bike and the bike trailer (a first) loaded up and we made the short drive over to the trail.

Holy cow! There were so many cars in the parking lot, but we actually found a space. We got A into the trailer and she didn’t freak out too badly. Then we were off. J and A of course moving a lot faster than I were out of my sight and I was running outside by myself. While I am not a fan of this I knew J was close and I had my phone. There were also many people coming and going on their bicycles and some other runners. People were friendly for the most part. I did get scared a few times. A couple passed me and the man yelled “Go Navy Beat Army” which caught me off guard and I about jumped out of my skin. However, I was wearing a Navy PT shirt so I guess I should have considered some comments would be made.

When I finally made it to the 3.1 mile mark I got out my phone and called J to let him know I was turning around and heading back to the parking lot. I needed 6 more miles to meet my 9 mile goal for the day. He eventually caught back up with me and passed me. Our sweet little A was not happy they turned around she wanted to keep riding north.

I completed the 6.21 miles in 1:18:27 and right as I was turning into the parking lot a cyclist said “Hey Brooks Ghosts” of course referring to my shoes. They are Ghost 12s that I’ve had for about six months. I’m actually going to get a new pair of Brooks and try a different type this time around, but those are coming up for my birthday at the end of September.

Overall I completed 9.46 miles today. This brings my total intentional miles in August up to 87.17 miles. Of course I am donating to Operation Persistent Support come September 1st and all the intentional miles turn into the dollars I am donating. Please help support OPS by visiting the Facebook page. You can also share my site and story with your friends. Go like the Facebook page and invite your friends to like it as well. Let’s get the word out to support our deployed active duty personnel.

Until next, go for a run and do something to support something or someone.


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