Looking ahead

I’ve decided that writing every day is something that I should be doing. I enjoy writing and I’m sure it helps my stress level lower. It is something that I am very passionate about. Here we are.

Here comes my second week of virtual teaching. I am going to attempt to keep my positive outlook. I have been working hard on it so I need to keep it going. One thing I have decided to do that I think may help is to meditate after work. I think it will help because it will allow me to decompress before walking into the house. When I walk in I can put my undivided attention on A and J. With meditation I can leave work at work and be fully present in my home life.

I also only have tomorrow left in the month of August and I can’t wait to update and give a final total for my donations to Operation Persistent Support. I will continue to mention them here on my site because it is an important charity that I fully support. I wish I had one of those big checks to make out to hand over, but that isn’t happening and would really just be showy. Expect that update tomorrow!

Tuesday starts my birthday month. More revelations about what that means to me coming later this week. I’ll also be unveiling my newest cause to support for the month of September.

Wednesday is a decompression day. I think I’ll share a another new idea I am working through in my head, but I am just give a simple midweek hello.

Thursday will have me longing for the weekend. Here I’ll share some updates on all of us and how my running is coming along.

Friday it is what a lot of people look at as the goal for the week. It is another work day, but I do enjoy our Friday night routine. I think popcorn and a movie will be much appreciated. I’ll even let A pick. (hahahaha Like she isn’t the one that always picks unless she is napping.)

It is a long weekend so Saturday may bring an adventure, but it will certainly bring a long run/walk if there is no adventure attached.

I am looking forward to keeping my morning routine of self-care going. It has made a difference. I am also looking forward to getting into more of a routine at work. I am going to work at staying positive this week. An update on that at the end of the week.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you, be positive.


Check out Operation Persistent Support. Like the page, share it, and share my site with your friends.

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