What’s the total?

I tried to stay positive today and it worked fairly well. When I could take a minute I did some deep breathing. My stress level was still so high. I got home and realized how swollen my legs were because I had been sitting so log. I threw on my compression socks. I’ve done a lot of standing while cooking dinner have to get the blood flowing. I think I’ll just wear a pair of compression socks to work tomorrow and try to move more.

On to what everyone wants to know the grand total that I am donating to Operation Persistent Support. My intentional miles for the month of August were 114.47 and I am going to round up and donate $120 to Operation Persistent Support.

While my original goal was higher I am very happy that I chose to support OPS this month and to showcase that here on my site. There have been many things I have been working on improving since the pandemic began and I truly feel giving back is the one place that I can really show growth. The mission of OPS is near and dear to my heart and the founder is one of the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend and mentor.

If you haven’t checked out the Facebook page please do so today. Like it, share it with your friends, donate, drop a hello over there.

If have decided to support OPS with me in any way either matching my donation or by just making a donation please let me know in the comments or don’t. I do want to see people sharing this on Facebook and liking the OPS page.

There is more to come in September. I hope you will be back because September is my birthday month and with that comes lots of new ideas.

I am thankful for the support during this time. Without my friends and family I wouldn’t have put these ideas into motion. There continue to be many ideas swirling around in this brain of mine and I hope you stick around to see what happens next.

Until next time,

Go for a run, support a cause, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you.


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