This page isn’t just about me and my endeavors. I have a few people behind the scenes that support and take my attention too.

Of course I know I wouldn’t be able to do all of these crazy ideas without an awesome partner in this thing we call life. J supports my crazy ideas and when I ask his opinion the tells me. When I pitched this idea of running and donating the miles he said “That’s weird, but okay.” I am so lucky he goes along with the crazy thoughts and he’s even run a few races with me. He bought a bike and a trailer so he can pull A while I run. I go way slower than them.

I am so glad that we are showing A healthy activities. I love that we show her love together. We are a team. He is the quiet to my loud, but he will out talk me any day of the week. That is an amazing accomplishment for someone.

We are doing well together and making plans for our future together. We have so many ideas and goals for the future. I am going to celebrate the small steps we take towards our goals. The small steps add up and we will make our goals.

I enjoy sharing about me of course but I think it is important to remember those that are supporting the journey. I’m thankful I have J to parent A with. He is a great dad. A loves him so much and has so much of his personality. A is fiery and she really has developed a strong character. We are very proud of her and enjoy watching her grow.

As time goes on I will continue to share updates about all of us. We will continue to go forward as a team. Here’s to goals as a family and moving forward daily.

Until next time,

Go for a run, support something you love, give back, be kind, be you.


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