A weekend away

Last week we had been throwing around the idea of going somewhere for the weekend. Mobile, Pensacola, Miami, Gatlinburg, the mountains in Georgia or South Carolina were all on the list. We ended up choosing St. Augustine on Friday morning. We like last minute trips.

I got most everything packed for me and A before I left for work. J had some things to do during the day but he would make sure that everything was ready for when I got home from work. When I got home he told me he had talked to some friends and they decided they were going to join us as St. Augustine had been on their places to visit as well.

We drove up and arrived at our hotel around 9:45 pm. Our room was amazing! The balcony and the view were amazing! The bed was so comfortable! I am so glade we decided to stay at Tryp by Wyndham.

We ordered in food which was so late because we hadn’t really eaten. It wasn’t the greatest. I got up on Saturday morning and went through my normal routine minus my morning run. Then we met up with our friends and headed to have breakfast at a local place. It was disappointing and no one finished their meal except J because he was so hungry.

We went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm next. It was so hot. We wore out masks and A did such a great job. She loved looking at the alligators, crocodiles, other reptiles, and birds. Have a wrist cord is such an amazing investment if you have a toddler/young child she can walk ahead but not too far.

Our next stop was the historic St. Augustine lighthouse. It was so nice to meet walk through the keeper’s house and see the history. I loved seeing the loyalist. I said “Stinkin’ Redcoats” and A repeated it I laughed so hard.

I did go up all 219 steps. It was tough. The views from the top were amazing. The walk down was not my favorite. I’m glad I did it.

We decided to head to lunch after trudging up all of those steps. It took forever to find parking and I was not a fan of the tiny streets. Of course we picked a popular place to eat and there was a wait. That took place in the heat. With very little shade we were all soaked in sweat and more than excited to get into the A/C. I’m not sure how long we waited but it felt like forever. J was so hot that he didn’t even eat the burger he ordered. A fell asleep. Thank goodness we had a booth so she slept on my lap. My drink was pretty good. One appetizer was pretty good the other I didnt try but others were less than impressed. Our entrees were okay. We were all hoping for better.

After lunch we needed a break from the heat so it was time to head back to the hotel. We separated from our friends. We went back and I ended up taking a very long and apparently much needed nap. Afterwards we got up and headed to the beach. It was about 6 by this point so not glaringly hot.

A had so much fun! She loved being in the waves. She loved digging for shells. We are going to try and hit the beach at least once a week now. She really does love the water.

We went back to the hotel and ordered in again as it was once again late. While we were waiting for the food to arrive I went and ran my 3.1 miles. Our food was again pretty sad. J had a good salad, but everything else was mediocre. This was not the weekend for food.

A fell asleep about 10 and I honestly have no idea how late I was up. I did get up this morning and follow my routine minus the run again. A didn’t get up until we made her at almost 9. She was wiped out. We did meet up with our friends again and get a picture in front of the St. Augustine sign to commemorate our trip.

I enjoy taking the long way and because of this we decided to drive down the A1A to Daytona Beach as part of our drive home. We saw some great views and we are already planning our next trip. We want to stay directly on the beach next time. We will be staying between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach next time and just enjoying the water. It was so peaceful being on the beach and in the water.

We drove past the Daytona International Speedway and facetimed with my dad to show him. There was a truck show going on so we also saw a ridiculous amount of pickup trucks. We also stopped in at Bass Pro Shop and got a few things. A made out like a bandit this weekend and ended up with so many new toys.

Our drive across the state was so nice. We went through small towns and saw so many horse farms. I don’t know if I enjoys it as much as I do but I really do like the traffic lights and less traffic when you take the long route. We finally made it home and just lounged for a while. A played with her toys. I massaged my calves they hurt so badly.

I hadn’t got in my 3.1 miles for the day, but finally got it in super late. I am continuing to stick to my goals.

I am so glad we went away this weekend. I am also glad we have a recovery day tomorrow because it is Labor Day. I think these weekends will become more of a consistent thing for us because it brings us closer and we are making memories with our small family.

Being happy and taking time to unplugged is much needed. I am so glad I am taking the time to write daily because it is good for my soul. It is something I want to get into more and possibly turn into something more. I love sharing my story the good and the struggles. There was so much good this weekend.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you.


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