A Week in Review

This week has had me on the struggle bus. I have gotten at least 3.1 intentional miles a day but they have been slow. I have just been in a funk when it comes to the treadmill. I have accumulated 46.7 intentional miles so far this month. My miles are being turned into dollars for my school’s PTA. This keeps the drive going to get in those intentional miles.

I’ve been rather exhausted from work. I think teachers forget how exhausting the first quarter of school is and it hits us like a loaded brick truck every year. We are getting ready to start week four and I am hoping it goes more smoothly. I am planning for it to be that way.

I did enjoy my Friday night just hanging out with A and J. We played with blocks and engineered some ramps for cars. Yesterday we enjoyed a rainy day by coloring so much. We watched movie and enjoyed popcorn as well.

I haven’t made the most nutritious choices over the past week. I’m taking control again and getting back on track today. I know when I eat better I run better and have a better attitude. I’ll get that back on point and my energy will increase.

Today could be another rainy day so I am planning to clean and get organized for the week. I am going to plan out our meals and my miles for the week. When I have a plan in place I seem to do better and stick to that plan. Scheduling my time helps to keep me accountable.

Lastly, I got my first birthday present this week. A Julian Edelman jersey. I have been a New England Patriots fan for many years. I got my first jersey (Tom Brady) so many years ago before he was a huge deal. Then in January of 2007 between “A” and “C” school for the Navy I got a Wes Weller jersey. About 7 years ago or maybe more I got a Rob Gronkowski jersey. Well Brady went to Tampa, Weller retired, and Gronk retired then came out of retirement to play with Brady on the Bucs. JE11 has been one of my favorites for a few years and I am glad to add his jersey to my inventory. Today is Week 1. I need to add two McCourty jerseys, Chung, Hightower, Cardona, and a few older jerseys like Bruschi, Nikovich, Moss, Vrabel, and Wilfork to the inventory.

I love the New England Patriots and I love football. It is going to look different this year for sure but I’ll catch as many games as I can. Of course I’ll be monitoring the scores throughout if I can’t watch it live.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you.


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