On track and some dreams

I have been staying true to my word and getting in at least 3.1 miles a day. There are two weeks left in September which seems insane, but I know I can make it. I am turning my miles to money for my school’s PTA. I am excited to be able to donate to the PTA because of all the ways they support students, teachers, and connect the community.

If you want to help support me in this journey I ask only that you comment here and then donate to your local community school. All schools need support and now more than ever.

I am working through some other tasks to follow some things I have been dreaming up. I think that reading daily and putting a lot of effort into writing my goals is pushing me forward. I am making a commitment to write daily and to read to improve myself. I look forward to continuing my journey toward further success in my life.

I am getting back to picking up the pace on running. I am enjoying working at home. A is loving preschool. J is busy as can be. We are looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing soon.

I am looking forward to my birthday and the growth I am making this month. I think setting goals is important and I’m working on crushing mine.

Until next,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you.


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