We are seven days into October and I am still going strong with my intentional miles. I have decided that for October I am going to keep it surprise what organization I am supporting. I am very fortunate to be able to run and walk daily. I am thankful for my abilities. I am going to continue to get my intentional miles in and turn those miles into dollars for organizations close to my heart.

I love October. Halloween and pumpkins and the fun fall decorations. If I was in a state different than Florida I would be enjoying the cooler temperatures. However, I am not and it is still so hot here.

We still get to do fun fall things though. J and I took A to Busch Gardens and she dressed up in her unicorn costume and got to trick or treat. She had a blast and then a much needed nap in the stroller while we enjoyed some beer and food from Busch Garden’s BierFest.

A loves going to see the animals. After her nap we got to enjoy some time seeing the most of them. We didn’t get to ride the train this time because the line was tremendously long and because of social distancing it would have been a very long wait. When we go back I think we will head to the train station first so we can get on the train and see all of the animals well at least more.

My favorite elephants weren’t out when we went this past weekend. Hopefully they will be out when we go this weekend. I love that we are so close and can experience it with A and our friends.

Busch Gardens is doing a great job of enforcing the use of masks which it wasn’t that bad wearing one all day even though it was rather warm. A even wore her mask all day unless she was napping, eating, or drinking something. It was nice to get back to Busch Gardens after staying away during the super hot summer months. As it gets cooler I think we will spend a lot of our free time there.

I am looking forward to more fun this fall even with COVID-19 looming over everyone’s heads I feel like we will get out and enjoy the fresh air. Hopefully we will be able to travel some and if not we will make the best of the holidays with features like Zoom and Facetime.

I am looking forward to continuing to run and to supporting people and causes that mean a lot to me.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be you.


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