Tropical Storm ETA, Veteran’s Day, and a preschooler

I started watching the track of TS ETA yesterday because it was looking like we would be in the cone of uncertainty. For anyone that doesn’t live where hurricanes are that is the path a storm could take. Way more science involved than what I have studied.

This morning I woke up and went through my routine got in a 5k plus 75 squats (my legs are sore!) I was expecting to check online and see that school would be closed. Well that didn’t happen. We ended up being notified right before our kids were going to start that we would be releasing early and then have tomorrow off because of the impending storm.

I am teaching online this year but still is still canceled for me and my students because of the potential loss of power.

Today also happens to be Veteran’s Day which if you are new here is important to me as I am a veteran and so is J. So many important people in my life are veterans. I’m glad my district has school on Veteran’s Day because it allows me to make that connection with the next generation. I offer a unique perspective. I served in the Navy and while I didn’t deploy to far off places for long periods I did support campaigns in the Middle East. I supported all branches of service. I am so glad that I spent that time in the Navy because I met some of my very favorite people while serving. Many of those people I have not seen in years and we don’t talk often but I know that if I am ever truly in need I have so many people in my corner. Several have proven that over the years and for that I am grateful.

I am also glad that A is growing up with both of her parents being veterans. It is something unique. She also has 1 uncle currently serving, 2 uncles that are veterans, a set of grandparents that are veterans and a brother that is active in the Navy.

We took her shopping today and she got so many new books. I am so glad that she loves books. Her prereading skills are great and she will be reading to me soon enough. She loves all books but a lot of nonfiction lately. I love just sitting and reading to her when she is playing even if I am reading a book of mine aloud. She loves words and listening. She is going to do amazing things.

Hopefully we will have power in the morning and I can use the treadmill to get another 5k in. Then I’ll do more squats. With the way this week has been I am proud of myself for writing this and for getting in my steps and runs. Now for things to clear up and get my eating on point.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, do it your way, do it for you, stay strong, and tell yourself you can.


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