Pushing Through

Today was the laziest day of vacation so far. We have built some models, watched movies, and just chilled together. Tonight steaks and baked potatoes, music, Legos, coloring, and some more shows.

I am working on getting my steps in through pacing the hotel room, listening to a podcast, and typing here. I am pretty far from it but it is still early so I will get them in. I am pushing through some pain. This is truly the reason I haven’t gone to the fitness center and hopped on the treadmill. This doesn’t happen often so I know I will be okay. I could very easily just say I’m giving up this pain is a good reason not to meet my goal. However, here I am getting my steps in a small space.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and hopefully I’ll be able to get up and compete a 5k in the fitness center. We are going to order pizza and watch football. We will probably watch some movies. J has to do some school work so we will need to give him some peace and quiet. We will probably video chat with family. We are so thankful for the things we have and have been able to do. We have been very careful during this pandemic and we know what the travel recommendations were around this holiday, but we still chose to go. We are following guidelines and everyone we have seen are as well.

After this trip we will not be traveling for a while. I am so glad that we did this and I can’t wait to share everything when we return home.

Today I want to say that sometimes pain comes in different ways. Today’s pain is something that I am used to and I know I can get through. However, sometimes people have different pains that may not be visible. Remember to give yourself grace and give grace to others. We are all traveling through this thing called life and facing different challenges. Giving yourself and others grace will make days easier.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, push through, smile, be you.


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