Your Own House

We arrived home from our Thanksgiving vacation last evening. We had a nice smooth flight and A slept most of the way. She is a good flier.

We immediately unpacked and A went straight for the toys she had been missing. She also wanted to be a part of the action so she was all around. That of course is to be expected with an almost 4 year old.

J and I made sure to get everything put away as best we could. We are so thankful our hotel had a laundry room way less laundry.

We didn’t really have a whole lot of groceries so we just had some chicken strip with macaroni and cheese for dinner. I think I drank a gallon of water yesterday evening alone. I was obviously dehydrated. I drank entirely too many sodas and not enough water while we were gone.

I have drank so much water today. My body feels so much better because of it. I also got on the treadmill twice today for over six miles. It was so nice to be in my own space and have some alone time.

On the downside we are in quarantine because we were notified we were in close contact with someone that is COVID positive. Thankfully we have not developed any symptoms and the person only has mild symptoms at this point. Hoping for the best for all of us. Also thankful that I am working remotely and J’s school is virtual until the end of the semester.

We are very happy to be back in our space after having the opportunity to have such an amazing vacation. I will be sharing our adventures over the next week or so in a series of posts. There is much to share and many wonderful adventures were had by all. There were so many firsts.

Today, if you have a safe environment that you live in appreciate it. There are so many that do not have this luxury. I know seem to appreciate my home more after a vacation. I need to appreciate it all the time because we are very fortunate. We work hard for all that we have and help others when we can as well. We will continue to do this as I believe giving is very important.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, appreciate what you have, work hard for what you want, set goals, be you.


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