Vacation Part 1

We’ve been back home for almost a week. It has been much warmer here however we haven’t been out because we are quarantined because of close contact. We will break out of quarantine on Wednesday.

We flew into Boston on Friday two weeks ago which seems unreal. Boston was on the top of my list of travel destinations for so long. I am so glad we went even in the middle of a pandemic.

We were tested before we left and wore our masks every where we went. Most people were wearing masks as well. We also went to New Hampshire and Vermont. We checked three states off the list with this trip.

I am very thankful for our Tula. A is still very small and loves to be worn especially when she is sleepy.

Our first day was spent picking up D and A was so excited to see him. It had been almost a year since we had seen him in person.

The four of us went to Plimouth Plantation. It was neat to be there on Saturday when Friday I had been teaching about it on Friday.

After we visited Plimouth Plantation we went into Plymouth and saw the rock from the Pilgrims’ landing. We also visited the Mayflower II the replica of the original Mayflower. Thankfully we got in right before a very large Boy Scout Troop.

It was very neat to see and I couldn’t believe how small it was. So many people were stuffed into those small spaces for so many days. If you’ve never visited it is worth a visit. Finding out that the original ship was sold for scrap was mind blowing. A got to ring the bell as we were leaving. We really enjoyed our time there.

We ended our Saturday with visiting the USS Constitution. While it is currently closed to the public we were able to get some great shots.

As Navy Veterans J and I were very excited that we were able to see this piece of American history.

I also listen to the podcast History that Doesn’t Suck and of course the USS Constitution and other great areas of Boston play a big part of that.

We were all happy to get back to our hotel room that evening. A was happy to be able to just crawl all over her big brother. I left J and D to contain A while I went to the hotel fitness center to get in some more steps and to just have some me time.

I am so used to having my me time I wasn’t making an exception on vacation. Your mental health is important always not just when you are in your normal routine.

I think that focusing on mental health is maybe more important when you aren’t in your normal routine. There are more chances for things to shake up and maybe frustrate you so focusing on the positive and being self-aware is important. Take that me time and get your head right so you can enjoy your time.

I’ll be posting more about the rest of our trip. It was fun filled and great memories were made along the way.

Until next time,

Go for run, do something you are passionate about, have fun, make a bucket list, visit places, just go, be you.


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