Vacation Part 2

I can’t believe part 1 of my vacation post covered a single day. Hahaha. I’ll cover more here in part 2. If you haven’t checked out that first part do so here.

Our second day in Boston was the last day of the season for the USS Salem to be open. J wanted to visit this ship because he plays a video game that features this particular ship. While that may not be interesting to some people we do.

We climbed ladder wells and A even did one all by herself. She may grow up and join the Navy or really just not like ships at all hahaha.

One thing I really love about having a daughter is that we can match. She probably won’t let me do that for much longer. However, on this day we did match. Our coats are even similar. We most certainly needed them because it sure was cold especially for us Floridians.

We got to walk around the ship on our own. We only saw a couple of other people on the ship. I am sure in a pre-COVID world there was much more activity. However, there was only one volunteer running the entry and he just told us we could go where ever there were lights on.

We had a great time exploring the ship. If you ever get to Boston area I highly recommend visiting.

After touring the ship we headed back to Boston to a little place that D likes to try some clam chowder. I am not a seafood fan but I will try something that an area is known for. I ordered a BLT and a mimosa that had tequila Blanco in it. The BLT was just that and the mimosa knocked my socks off and I could not finish it. I would definitely just get a regular mimosa next time. When D’s clam chowder came out it reminded me of gravy. I didn’t realize how thick it would be. I tried a spoonful. It wasn’t terrible, but I am not a fan. I’ll stick with tomato soup.

After this adventure we drove around for a bit. We visited Bunker Hill and sadly could not climb the steps inside because it was closed. We did however get to talk with an amazing park ranger. He shared a lot of information about the monument, himself, and his job. He recognized D from his job. It started to sprinkle and it was so windy on that hill. We probably stood outside for an hour. David (the park ranger) was amazed at how well A was doing in the cold. I would go back there just to talk with him again.

On Monday D had to work so we were going to explore on our own. We decided to make the drive to Vermont to see mountains. We hoped for snow. Vermont has some pretty tight travel restrictions so we knew it was going to be a long scenic drive. We had planned to go to the top of a mountain and get out for some pictures but it was closed when we drove by. However, we did get some pictures and saw a dusting of snow.

Tuesday was a lazy hotel day for us on vacation. J had homework to do so A and I read books and watched movies. We needed a day of just relaxing and not getting into the car.

While on our trip I made sure to continue to get my steps in and meet my daily goal. I am so glad that we did get to enjoy sight seeing and also relaxing. I think it is important to have down time even when in a new place. You don’t have to have every minute planned. If you like having every minute planned I think it is still important to remember to be flexible. I know that having a 3 year old means we have to be flexible with what we see and how long we spend somewhere.

I will wrap up this vacation series in part 3. In the meantime I am still meeting my daily goal. I am currently in a challenge to put in at least 20 minutes of exercise daily through December. Maybe I’ll win a prize? If I don’t win from the company I am still a winner because I put in the work.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be kind, be flexible, be you.


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