Things to Do

Maybe you aren’t too drawn in by this title, but indulge for a few moments. This is not a list of what I need to do in the next few days or weeks. Here comes a list of things to do that maybe will get you headed in a direction you never thought was possible.

1. Read! Everything all the time. I am working my way through Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I also recently read Eat, Pray, Love. Both books are great. Since the pandemic set in way back in March I made a vow to read. Most of what I have read people would call self-helo books. I will disagree and call them opportunities. The many books I have read this year have helped shape me into a better person.

I am looking at things differently now. I am happier (this is all on me). I have a different mindset. I am opening myself up for “creative living” as Gilbert calls it.

2. Take care of you!

Seriously! This is something that I have recently started taking very serious. I know that if I don’t take time to run I am going to be in a crabby mood. Maybe I just walk for an hour on the treadmill but still that is part of my daily self-care routine. When I don’t get that you can be certain that my mood is off.

3. Drink tons of water.

I love water! It is my go to drink. I fill up a gallon jug and poof that is what I am working at all day long. I do occasionally have a soda or tea and I always start my morning with a coffee. But let’s be real water is where it is. I have even come to the point where I know that if I drink soda I will feel awful sometimes for days. I know I will need to up my water intake to help get rid of that feeling.

4. Be silly.

This is a fun one. A is getting ready to turn 4 and I am currently a 4th grade teacher so my opportunities for silliness are many. However, I think being silly is something we should all do because it will probably bring laughter and that my friends is so important to our well-beings. My most recent silly activity: A has decided we need to play hide and seek with her stuffed animals. We each take turns finding one and she lights up every time. Spending time with her is the best.

5. Smile.

This one is simple and you should be doing it all the time. Smile when you wake up. Smile while doing morning affirmations. Smile when you run. Smile when you see your friends, kids, spouse, significant other, crush, enemy, postal carriers, delivery drivers, butcher. Where ever you are smile. This is going to make your day and maybe it will make someone else’s day as well.

6. Run, walk, crawl, exercise

About 2 years ago I decided to become a runner. I am not fast and I probably never will be. However, I am a runner. This year I am counting all the steps I take to hit 2020 miles. I still haven’t met that goal but I am on track to get there. This is another baseline activity. Two years ago I did a 5k around the neighborhood we were living in and that was my baseline. I have improved because I have worked at it. I am improving my overall health because I make exercise a priority. Now to get down the more healthy eating. Abs after all are made in the kitchen. You can’t outrun a bad diet. However, you have to start somewhere and getting into the habit of daily exercise is where I decided to start.

7. Eat the cookies, candy, pizza, and vegetables.

I am not a health expert and you should of course consult your doctor before taking my advice about exercise or what to eat.

In my personal experience I give myself grace and don’t beat myself up when I decided to have treats. It happens. I just have to move on and tell myself it is okay. No one can be perfect all the time.

Now I tend to like more vegetables than I did even ten years ago. That is much more helpful. I love to browse for new recipes and I love to cook. This will become my next focus eating more vegetables.

8. Be YOU!

Eight is one of my favorite numbers so I am going to stop here. This may be the best piece of advice just be yourself. No one else in this world can be you. Your happiness depends on you. You have to make the decisions that are best for you and those in your care.

Trust me on this one, people are going to say you are doing it wrong but that is their issue not yours. You make your decisions based on whatever information you use and as long as you aren’t harming anyone or yourself then I say go for it. Let people say what they want. Brush it off and know that you did what was best for you. All of our situations are different. I can’t know if running a mile or a marathon is good for you because I don’t know you and I am not a doctor. Running a mile and a marathon are both on my list. I’ve done the mile the marathon will come.

We only get to do this short thing called life once. Do it the best way you know how. Move away. Drop the toxic relationships. Take a risk. Do whatever it takes to be you.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, drink some water, be silly, be kind, be you.


***Disclaimer I am not a doctor so check with your doctor before starting any exercise or eating plan.*****

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