Vacation Part 3

Here is the last part of vacation review. You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Hahaha.. when you don’t write about things immediately you forget what happened on what days. I realized that we actually didn’t have a lazy Tuesday on vacation that was actually Wednesday. Oh well it happens to the best of us. I’ll just pick up on what actually happened on Tuesday. It just so happens Tuesday on our vacation we had made plans to visit a friend for dinner in New Hampshire. Since that wasn’t happening until the evening we decided to check out some places in downtown Boston.

We made our way to find some parking near Boston Common. We walked through the park and it was chilly. We decided to make our way to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. We stopped and took some pictures along the way.

Luckily we had our trusty Tula and A was down for being worn rather than walking. It would have been extra cold and way slower going had she walked.

There wasn’t much open at Faneuil Hall but we did go into some shops and get some souvenirs. A enjoyed picking out a few things.

On our way back we ventured to Brattle Book Shop which is by far the coolest bookstore I have ever been to. I think because of this visit I will find a local neat bookstore every time we go on vacation somewhere new.

After we left there we went back to the car and headed back to our hotel to get warmed up and chill out before heading to New Hampshire.

We headed to New Hampshire for dinner and it was such a nice drive. It was a chilly night. We checked out the Granite State Candy Shoppe before heading to dinner. We will be ordering online to get some more candy. We highly recommend stopping there. What a cute store and friendly staff.

We wish went to The Barley House on main street in Concord, NH for dinner. We met up with a family friend and his son for dinner. It was so great to see him. It had been so many years. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the food because it was delicious. I seriously would love to visit again if we ever go back.

A had a great time playing with my friend’s son. They are 4 years apart in age but he was such a good sport. I am glad they got to meet. Dinner was such a nice time. We spent about two hours just catching up and talking about life.

It was so cold when we left but we were enjoyed the evening so it didn’t matter.

Wednesday was the lazy day not Tuesday as previously mentioned. This would be the day that J did homework. Although he did do homework pretty much every day of our trip.

That evening we also went to pick up D because he was spending the night again and going to enjoy Thanksgiving with us the next day. He brought his Xbox so we could have access to our streaming services. I will say I was in disbelief that our hotel did not have TVs that had access to streaming services. Oh well we got along with what we had. That is most certainly a first world problem.

Thanksgiving day was an interesting one. We were spending the day just hanging out and enjoying our time together. We decided to order pizza and I made an online order. However, we waited over an hour and J was getting hungry so he ended up driving down the road and figured out it was closed. When he came back we spent quite a while looking for somewhere open. We ended up finding a Domino’s open. We made our order and then J and D went to pick up pizza. We watched some football but mostly just hung out.

That evening J took D back and we gave him tons of hugs because we wouldn’t see him again because he had to work the next two days. A was very sad when she woke up and he was gone.

Friday was an epic day. It was my pilgrimage. We went to Foxborough to check out the Patriots Hall of Fame. I am a die hard Pats fan so this has been a must for years and I finally did it. A got to pick out her first jersey. She picked #50 Chase Winovich and that also happens to be D’s high school number. She got a helmet too. I got of course got some stuff and J got a new hat. We bought Christmas ornaments. I wore my Julian Edelman jersey and took pictures with a display in the HoF. I loved being able to go here. Next time we are there we will be inside the stadium for a game in December.

After leaving Foxborough we decided to head further south to see some more ships. Navy veterans that are extremely proud of our service. We also enjoy history and exposing A to ad many things as we possibly can. We found a few more ships at Battleship Cove. And a silly sign that seemed to be misplaced. However, it completely looked to be in the correct spot via a different vantage point. On our way to see these ships the GPS told us to go over a bridge and then told us we had arrived at our destination when we were in the middle if the bridge. We eventually fount it.

After we got a few pictures we knew it was time to head back to Boston. We needed to get our things together because we would be heading home the next day. We did drive past the exit for Raynham. If you’ve never listened to Small Town Murder they do an episode from this town. Small Town Murder is one of my favorite podcasts. It is comedy and murder wrapped into one. James and Jimmie are hilarious. Give it a listen if you are into that sort of thing.

We made it back to the hotel and A had to have her helmet. We got most everything packed and then just enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning we got up packed up the rental and decided to drive around for a bit before heading to the airport. D was in training so we didn’t get to see him again even though we tried. We did upgrade our seats to have even more space on our flight home. I will say I am very impressed with JetBlue flights. They may be a bit more expensive but totally worth it.

We had a great vacation. I loved seeing Boston, but it is always nice to get home and just be in your own space. It was nice to get back to my treadmill and be able to get back into our routine.

I highly recommend getting out and seeing and doing things that you don’t normally get to do. I know that once the pandemic is over we will be planning more vacations. A is going to be a well traveled person.

Things I’ve learned: have fun, spend time on yourself on vacation, be flexible.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, see something new, be kind, be you.


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