Word of the Year

I’ve read many things about choosing a word or phrase to define your year. I’ve never done it but have been intrigued by it in the past. Therefore I have decided that my word for 2021 is ‘Create’ or creative. These words are going to help me truly focus on myself and doing what I love creating things.

I am going to work on this word helping to drive my actions in 2021.

I am going to create time in my day for myself.

I am going to write more in order to create a book.

I am going to be more creative with dinners we eat.

I am going to create experiences for our small family as we navigate a full semester and prepare for a big move.

I am going to be creative in 2021 in all areas of my life. Well that is the plan and writing it down should be helpful.

I continue to work on the balance of my life as a mom, a runner, a partner, and a person. I truly love all the parts of me.

I know that it can be difficult to carve out time for just you but it is so important for your mental health. As a runner and a mom to a preschool aged girl and someone with a day job I read Hal Elrod’s The Morning Miracle and now my mornings are about me…. mostly.

I invested in a treadmill almost two years ago now and it has been such a great investment. We’ve upgraded once and will probably do so again when we move. Having the treadmill allows me to get in an early morning (read between 4-5 am) on normal days when my routine is running smoothly. I made the decision to run that early in the morning because it works for my situation. I can get up early and not miss out on time with J and A. If I get my run and other workout in early then I notice that I have more energy throughout the day.

The takeaway here is to make time for yourself. Maybe that just means reading for ten minutes or getting a ten minute walk or run in. I started with just walking but have gotten faster. As I move into 2021 I am working to improve my running again. This means I will need to get creative with how I am going to push myself.

How do I push myself to do better? Well I just finished reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits and I cannot recommend it more. I am going to be working on making good habits by changing my system like Clear suggests in his book.

I started this by buying a planner that I truly love. I know that when I track things I am more successful. I lost 20 lbs 2 years ago from tracking. I have gained some of that back. I know that by tracking again in a planner that I love I will be able to lose it again. In my planner I will travk how far I run and the time it takes. I will also be tracking my food consumption. In order to lose weight you have to be in a deficit so writing down everything I eat helps me to stay accountable. If I am wanting something in moment I ask myself ‘Do you want to write down?’ Sometimes the answer is yes but most times I just decide to have some water instead.

I am also tracking different ways of being creative in my planner. For instance this week I am tracking writing one sentence a day on the book I am currently writing. It has sat for a while because I just didn’t make it a priority in my life. Well I really want to finish that book so I am tracking it as well.

I will also be using my planner to record events with A. She is only this little for once and as we are taking a break from most social media platforms right now I am still going to write them down. I am excited to be away from some platforms in order to focus more on relationships that matter and tasks that I want and need to make a priority in my life.

Here we all are getting ready to gear up for a new year and try to make it the best one yet. I started before the new year because there is no reason to wait. If you want to become a runner in 2021 well just go ahead and start today. There is no use in waiting for some arbitrary date on the calendar get out there and do it today.

Being a runner and a girl mom are two pretty important aspects of my life. I hope that my running inspires her to be runner as well. As I work on my healthy habits I hope to inspire her to make healthy habits as she grows.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, start now, be kind, be you.


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