Running into a New Year

Here we are on the final day of 2020, a year I am most certainly happy to put behind me as I am sure are most people. This year has brought much heartache for my family and I just do not wish to relive it. I am looking onward to 2021 with hope filled eyes.

2020 was ripe with possibilities when it first started out. In fact a few days before January 1, 2020 I signed up for the Run the Year challenge put on by Run the Edge. I was going to fun more 5ks than the 7 I did in 2019 and crush so many goals.

I ran 1 organized 5k in 2020. I beat my previous time on that particular race. I don’t think they are holding it in 2021 so maybe I’ll be back for it in 2022.

I did meet that goal of completing 2,020 miles in 2020 a few days ago. I counted all my steps for the year which is fine because it is a race for yourself not against anyone else. You do it your way and how it works for you.

My plan for 2021 is to get more of my miles running. I am still going to count all of my steps. I also hope to finish faster than I did this year.

What I love about the challenge is there is a tracker and I will be able to compare my months in 2021 to 2020. I will be working to improve my totals in all aspects days, weeks, months, and if course the year.

I also bought A the kids Garmin watch maybe I will be able to get her to wear it for me than 10 minutes at a time. She is still very small so it is kind of clunky on her wrist. I love that she wants to get her steps in with me. I think as a parent it is important to show my daughter healthy habits and let her participate when she wants.

I started a yoga routine after my workouts to act as a cool down and A has been joining in most times. She will even be playing and just look at me or J and say, “I’m doing yoga.” I love that it is sticking in her mind.

I know that most people make resolutions or start new diets on New Year’s Day because they look back at the last couple of weeks or months and want to make up for their eating. That is great but it needs to be more than that. I know that losing weight from the holidays is a big deal to some people. However I recently saw a post somewhere tba basically stated instead of worrying about what you eat between the holidays and New Year’s Day to worry about what you eat between New Year’s Day to Christmas. This is a way longer period and if you figure it out in that long time frame I think maybe some healthier habits will be created.

Of course I am NOT a doctor and don’t aspire to be one so go see your doctor and talk through lifestyle changes before you do anything. I am just here to share my experiences and opinions.

I know for me it is easier to actually run on my treadmill now that I’ve deleted apps from my phone. Instead of just walking and playing or scrolling I turn on a podcast and run. There is less of a chance for me to be distracted by my phone on the treadmill because I am simply listening to some comedians tell me stories while I run.

I also listen to podcasts as I am doing things around the house. If I want to hear the podcast I know I need to be doing something like running or picking up. I am putting together habits in order to complete them. This goes back to the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. He calls this “habit stacking” and I think it is genius. I believe we do this more than we know in our day to day lives. This has really helped me keep my habit of getting on the treadmill even before I read the book and made the connection it was what was bringing me back to the treadmill.

I am now a total believer of “habit stacking” thanks to James Clear. I can look back on so many things and see that it has always been that way. I plan to use this more intentionally as I move forward. I will tie things together and create more good habits.

I have spent 2020 working on being consistent when it comes to walking and running. I know that I will continue to work on those things and focus more on my eating habits in 2021. I want to be able show A healthy exercise and eating habits. I want to show her those things are important like the relationships we work to maintain and deepen, our learning, and playing. My hope is that working on these habits for myself and improving myself will then allow her to improve as well and create these habits as she grows.

Today I hope to continue to inspire A as she grows. Maybe I am also inspiring others by being a mom that focuses on me and my running journey. I have said it many times self-care is very important. I know that if I didn’t focus on myself daily for a short period that my family would not function as well as it does. Take the time to focus on you even if just a few minutes taking deep breaths. Maybe even in the car. I know for me it is a game changer.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, be intentional, be creative, be kind, be you.


I am a girl mom, a partner, and a runner. I am trying to balance all aspects of life with self-care. I am doing the best I can and hope you enjoy the journey.

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