Work in Progress

Ahh Monday. Normally the start of a new work week. Normally hated by most.

Today, I do not have to work. J and A went back to school and work after a very long break. I am in the quiet of our home and it is so different.

Instead of just lounging about for the entire day I did a modify version of what I would do on a “normal” Monday because I believe in routines.

I got up way later than I normally do and because of this I had to get A out of bed at the same time because she had to go to school. I got coffee and A some yogurt. I drank some water too. Normally, I would go right into meditating, but since I got up late I needed to enjoy the little time I had with A this morning and then after her and J left I would focus my attention back on myself and my routine.

They got out the door right at their normal time and now I could focus on me.

I turned on a guided meditation and closed my eyes. During my meditation it asked me to focus on what I could hear. Well this morning I was only hearing the sound of the water in the aquarium. It was a strange sensation to just hear that and of course my breath.

I followed through my normal routine and completed affirmations and visualizations. Then I switched it up this morning and instead of reading a book I started a few days ago I dove into another book on self-development. I have come to love books on self-development and as I read the other book which is a non-fiction history book I long for reading something that I can put into action. Therefore, I have decided that not only will I read something for pleasure such as a history book but I will also have a book that is going to help me improve myself right by my side for some reading whenever I get a moment.

It is important to grow at all times and reading is the best way for me to get that knowledge. Maybe for you it is listening to an audiobook (I am not one of those people). Maybe you need to go out and do things and talk to people in order to improve (this would be my second pick). I am a reader and so I will continue my journey of improving myself through reading and of course through this medium of writing and sharing my stories and thoughts.

I also got in two short split up walk/runs this morning. For me, running happens better when completed early when no one else is awake and my brain is not completely awake either. I can get on the treadmill and get going before I can tell myself no. When I get up late I tend to walk more than run and look at my phone more than get my heart rate up.

This week in my planner I have decided that in order to be creative I need to mix up my runs. Today I mixed it up by splitting it up into smaller pieces and then doing some intervals. Tomorrow will be something different.

Creative is my word for the year so each week I will write down in my planner how I am going to be creative in order to keep myself accountable. Then I can track the few things that I chose for the week and it will allow me to stay on the path of being creative this year.

What is your word for this year? How are you keeping it relevant in your every day life?

I was just thinking the other day about quotes I see that are inspiring to me or that I want to save for later. One that I came up with or maybe saw somewhere and just don’t remember where I saw it is “I am not a success story I am a work in progress.” I think this is true for a lot of people maybe even everyone. I don’t want to just get to a point and stop I want to always be working and progressing further.

There are goals that I will hit that will make me successful, but just because I meet one goal does not mean that is where I am going to stop. I am working towards running a half-marathon in a few months. After I complete that half-marathon I will keep running and training for the next race.

Maybe that is what we all need to tell ourselves just keep working and making progress. Yes you can be successful but I think in order to keep growing you have to always look at yourself as a work in progress. I know this is how I will look at things from now on. It isn’t about being perfect or right all of the time or reaching one particular thing it is about working to be better today than I was yesterday.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, keep working, be kind, be you.


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