What’s in a routine? Well that depends on who you are. Our lives are all different and therefore our routines will never look or be the same. However, I becoming a firm believer of having routines in place to make things easier.

As a teacher, routines are important to keep a classroom running smoothly. Students know the routines and things move right along.

I have always been a person that is pretty spontaneous. I like to just pick a place and go without a plan. I have in the past not really thought things through and just went with it. I was carefree.

Now as a mom and a partner and a runner I find my routines are good for multiple things: my fitness, my relationships, my mental health, and for helping to instill good habits in my daughter. A knows that I get up and go on the treadmill. It is very normal for her to see me lace up my shoes and head to the garage to get in treadmill time. Most days this happens before she is awake. However, on weekends or during breaks it could happen any time of the day and she knows this is normal.

Another routine I have in place is filling up my gallon water bottle. I do this every morning and try to finish it. Sometimes A helps me finish it because 1. She loves water and 2. Apparently my water bottle is better than hers. This is another routine I want her to develop and carry on throughout her life.

I also read and write daily. Sometimes I am just reading doe pleasure but other times for work too. Reading and writing are part of my routine and when I don’t do them it throws my day for a loop.

This morning for example I only got in a mile on the treadmill. It was slow and I wanted to do so much more. However, I was out of my routine and hadn’t slept well. In order to change it up and get more treadmill time in I decided to spend part of my lunch time walking. It wasn’t fast or far but it had made me feel better to get in more time.

The reason I choose early mornings or during my lunch is because these times are not pulling me away from my family time. Just as I believe me time is important I also believe spending time with A and J is important. They are the two most important people in my life and I want to have and maintain strong loving relationships with them. I know when I make time for them they see it and appreciate it (even if it isn’t said aloud I know they do).

Having routines are important but they look different for everyone. Maybe you have to be more flexible with what is a routine part of your day. I believe that e even if it doesn’t happen at the same time every day or even every day it can still be a routine.

What is important to you? What are some of your routines? Share your thoughts with me.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, do a little better, be kind, be you.


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