That first half marathon

I signed up for my very first half marathon and it is not a local race. I saw this race months ago and wanted to do it. Well I am signed up and travel plans are made. We are traveling for other reasons as well so this trip is multipurpose.

Since this will be my first half I have been reading so much about dos and don’ts. I am starting a training plan and I have already made plans with J to go with me for my long runs. He will bike and pull the trailer with A in it. I am not up to running alone outside call me paranoid that is fine but I’ll take him with me for safety.

Running a half marathon was not something I would have wanted to do just a few years ago. However, as I have made running part of my routine it has become a goal. I have read that running half marathons can become addicting. We will see. I am hoping that just having signed up will keep me motivated to actually run. I know that I have to stick to my training plan so that I can finish on race day.

I am going to order some new gear to practice in before race day. I want to make sure that I am training like it is race day. I want to be prepared to do my very best. As this is my first half I am setting my goal at finishing in under 3 hours and I would be thrilled with 2 and a half hours. This may seem slow for some of you but my race my pace. I am comparing myself to myself.

When making goals for anything you have to remember it is about you not everyone else. Make the goal something you can be proud of and pay no mind to what others may say. Goal setting is about you and not anyone else. You have to do what is right for you.

Need more information about setting goals I suggest just searching SMART goals and you will come up with so much information. I have looked up what to know about half marathons and there is a lot to sift through. I’ll be taking suggestions from so many places.

As I use things and try different things out I will share my success and my failures. The most useful piece of information that I have read everywhere is that works for one won’t work for everyone. That is why everyone says to try things out during training.

***Of course talk to your doctor before you start training for anything. Don’t just take the word of someone on the internet.***

I am very excited to get this training started. I have to remember that it starts out slow for a reason to help prevent injury. I want to be able to finish the race so I will work through the plan that I have picked. I am ready to go and to share my journey along the way.

On the other side I get to do something fun and daunting this week. What you ask? Well A turns 4 this week and has asked for a triceratops cake. I love to bake and will be attempting to create one just for her. I am going to use a family cake recipe that is my absolute favorite. Hopefully it is a hit. I just love this age because she loves to interact and she is developing her own interests.

This year I hope to get her running a little more with me. We will work on that once I am done with my half training. She loves riding in the trailer on bike rides so hopefully we can incorporate a little running with her riding.

What were your go tos for your first half marathon? Do you have any goals for you and your child(ren)? What are your goals for yourself this year?

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, set goal, be kind, be you.


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