Keep the fire going… or restart it

Two days of training down and today is the third. This first week of training are miles that I have been running for weeks so I am pretty comfortable with them. However, the start of training or doing something new for me is usually exciting. It will be in the coming weeks when things start to get more difficult.

I know I will be able to get through the first few weeks so the trick here is sticking to the plan. Maybe you also get started and then become less interested in whatever you are trying… a new hobby, a workout plan, or maybe training for a race. Welcome to club we will support each other here.

When something because less exciting I find that I need to change things up a bit to get that fore back. I know that for my training plan I will probably be bored in a couple of weeks so instead of stopping I will change up my run. How? Maybe instead of running in the morning I will run after work and then I can get extra sleep in the morning. Or maybe I will buy a new shirt to wear while I am running. Maybe I will post in one of the groups I am in about my frustration and then get encouragement from other like minded people. Runners really are the best.

When you lose interest you’ve got to switch it up or find some encouragement to light your fire again. I believe that even a small change can spark that desire again.

You have to remember that you are a work in progress. This isn’t about getting to one spot and stopping it is about making small steps every day and improving yourself.

Just a few days ago I was speaking with someone and telling them that sometimes it comes down to an hour by hour decision. No matter where you are in your journey just be better in the next hour than you are currently. Everyone is in different situations and it may truly be a minute by minute thought process and that is OKAY!

You have to do what is best for you to be your best around others. My me time every day is important not only for myself but for all my relationships. Investing in self-care will benefit you and those around you in the long run. Maybe you can only squeeze five minutes in right now well that five minutes is a place to start. Keep it up.

I am going to continue working on my self-care routine in order to improve all areas of my life. This year there will be so many changes in my life and therefore self-care will be very important for all members of my family. It will be important as we make some transitions.

Remember that taking time for yourself is not selfish no matter what anyone says. It is important for your well-being.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, change it up, be kind, be you.


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