Self-care: A real story

Maybe you stumbled on to my page by accident. Or maybe you have already read a few posts and are following. Whatever the case may be I want to tell you my why behind this page. The why behind why I chose to do this. The reason you should keep coming back to get some tiny tidbits of information.

Here’s the story. My story. Well a piece of my story… the whole story will one day be a book I am sure of that. Alas, that is a tale for another day. The story behind being a running girl mom, a running mom, a mom, a runner. No matter what label you have or even if you don’t and are just looking for some inspiration here it goes.

Way back in December of 2018 I was fed up with myself. I had an almost two year old daughter at the time, was a partner to J (he’s the best), and was teaching full-time. I was also only nine pounds from the weight I was at when I gave birth in January of 2017. I was fed up and knew I had to make a change. (Does this sound familiar? Maybe not the giving birth part, but the being fed up part.)

I decided to complete a 5k around my neighborhood it took around forty-nine (49) minutes to complete 3.1 miles. I was not happy with that. I did not run much of it. There was so much walking. I needed to improve my time in order to get back into shape. I knew I could do it but it would take a lot of time and determination.

A few weeks later I signed up for my first in person 5k race: St. Petersburg College Titan Trot. It was held in February and I picked this because I am a graduate of SPC. #GoTitans! I bought a treadmill. It was so tiny and the max speed on it was 4 mph which seemed incredibly fast at the time.

After signing up for the 5k that was only a month away and getting a treadmill it was time to kick it into gear and I had to throw a wrench into my lifestyle plans. I had to get up WAY earlier than I normally would have wanted to get up so I could get in a few minutes on the treadmill before getting up and getting A up and J up and everyone getting out the door for the day. This was what had to be done though. I wasn’t about to go run a race and look like an idiot. I had something to prove….. to myself mostly.

I trained hard, but it wasn’t really a set training plan it was more of get up and just do something on the treadmill and drink lots of water. I also got some headphones and listened to podcasts on motivation while I was running. After I ran (and yes even if it was slower than a turtle it was running… for me) I would do some stretches and maybe some squats. I noticed that it got easier. I kept at it.

Then I race the race and my time was somewhere around 39 minutes. Do you see that time…. 3….9…. That is an improvement of 10 whole minutes in a month of training. My goal was just to finish in less than 49 minutes. Blew that out of the water. I am so glad that I pushed myself to do that because it led to a total of seven 5Ks in 2019. I got better each time. J even bought me a new (to us) treadmill for Mother’s Day. (I specifically asked for it.) Seriously that has been the best present ever. I can take my me time and get a run in whenever because I have a treadmill (highly recommend).

My journey of running self-care continued into 2020. I ran the SPC 5k again and improved my time by 3 minutes. Not crazy amazing but I hadn’t run an organized race since June of 2019. I had planned on many other races and so many other things for 2020 but like everyone else lock down happened and changed my plans.

However I had signed up for Run the Edge’s Run the Year event and committed to completing 2,020 miles in 2020. I decided I would count all of my steps every day to help meet the goal. I made my goal right after Christmas. I am signed up to complete 2,021 miles this year. My goal is to have more intentional miles and to finish before I did last year.

I have committed this year to being my year. My word of the year is creative. I will be creative how in how I get my running in, how I interact with people, how I live. I am on the notion that being flexible is a big deal and what I am learning every day is bring flexible in all areas of life is something we should embrace.

Along this journey I did lose weight. But this journey isn’t about the weightloss it’s about being a better version of myself. Weightloss is a nice perk but in this day age with a global pandemic I am not beating myself up because of the number on the scale.

I am running and doing some other workouts as my self-care. Being able to carve out me time is important for me, my relationships, and my success. There is no end to my self-care. I will never be able to say I have successfully completed my self-care for life. This is a lifelong journey that will change depending on the season of my life. Just like it will change for everyone.

I am traversing this stage of my life by creating balance within my life. We only get this thing called life once and have to make it the best we can. I am taking the steps here to share that story.

This year is going to bring many changes to my life. I am excited for new places and faces. I will be sad to leave things behind but there are cars and plans for a reason. We have built great friendships here and my journey to self-care really began here so it will always hold a special place in my heart. As we make the moves toward our future my mind speeds with the thoughts of what is to come. For this reason I know I need to continue my self-care journey my running journey because it allows me time and space from the thoughts that are always running through my mind. It is my getaway.

If you are looking for a real look at life as a mom that runs and does other things for self-care you have come to the right place. I am not perfect but I have changed so much since I have started focusing on me. My relationships are better, I have learned much through reading and researching. I am ready to share my tips, tricks, and just the chaos that is life in hopes of helping someone.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, share your story, be kind, be you.


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