Overcome the Struggle

There are times that the struggle bus shows up in our lives. It stopped by to see me this week, but I pushed through and kept going.

I’m not sure what happened maybe it was the 3 day weekend but I just did not sleep well this past week. I know for me when I don’t sleep well I don’t want to get out of bed at all. I hit the snooze button a lot this week. I did still get up and get moving but none of it was fast.

Struggling is something I believe happens to everyone but how we let it affect us is what determines how long it hangs around. For me, even though I was not getting enough sleep I made myself get on the treadmill and move. I know I will always feel better when I have done at least a mile or two. With the training schedule for my half I needed to get more than a mile or two in on a couple of days. I stuck to the plan and those days were pretty slow. I am just proud that I stuck to it.

My struggles of the week were not nearly as difficult as so many others. However, I believe we all go through different seasons so my struggles will never look the same as anyone else’s. They may look similar but never the same.

My advice to anyone struggling is to find something that is helpful or calming. I have developed a love for running so when I am struggling with that I know I need to move. I also keep my routine in the morning because I know it helps me when I struggle in other areas.

Writing here and documenting things is another way for me to get things out. I enjoy sharing pieces of my life. Maybe my experiences will help someone else. I sure hope so. I am growing as a person as I sit here and type this out. I know there are many struggles in this thing called life. I also know we can choose to let them define us or we can pick ourselves up (sometimes very slowly) and learn and grow into a better person.

I am so glad I got in five miles today. I did it on the treadmill. It was my long run for the week and at first I wasn’t sure I would finish. Then here came my sweet girl A just to hang out and give me some encouragement. She played next to me while I finished running. I know that the good habits and perseverance that I am building will stick in her small mind and stay there as she grows. I do this for me but when I am struggling she brightens my every moment and I know to keep pushing.

As a mom I know that my me time is just as important as the time I spend with my girl. She knows that I run and maybe she already knows that it is important for me. We all need a little time for ourselves. Maybe that few minutes is what helps you through your struggle. Maybe you have a friend you call. Maybe you don’t have anything right now and are looking for suggestions. Hopefully you have found some ideas here and you keep searching and trying until you have your thing. Asking for help is hard but I implore anyone that is reading this that needs help to reach out. You can leave a comment here or maybe you just reach out to an organization or a friend, family member, or colleague. Whatever your decision find something or someone to help you get through your struggle whether it is big or small getting through it is up to you.

I’ve read so many times in so many places that happiness is up to me. There is no one else in this world that can make me happy I have to do it myself.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues seek professional assistance.

***I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be one. For any new workout routines or mental health issues speak with a doctor.***

The ideas presented here are just the opinion of a running mom.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, find something for you, be kind, be you.


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