Just one more minute…

Being a mom is the best. I absolutely adore being a mom. Watching A grow and do new things is my favorite favorite part of every day. She is growing so fast and doing new things all the time. I love that she wants to play and create with me.

Her imagination is amazing. We play with magnetic tiles, Squigz, play-doh, her stuffed animals, and so many other things and to watch her interact is amazing. I am so glad she is in a great preschool. I am very thankful for her preschool. I believe she will be reading very shortly as she does have emerging reading skills. We make it a point to read with her and tell the name of everything. We talk about letter sounds, we spell out words, we count all the time.

She is where a lot of my motivation comes from on those days where I just don’t want to do anything. I know bring consistent is good because she sees those habits. If I don’t do something she may not realize just one time but then not doing it becomes the habit and I know she will notice in the long run.

My fitness journey is to improve my mental and physical health but also to show her that those things are important in life. I want to be able to do things with her for a very long time and taking care of myself now will allow for those things in the future.

I am excited to one day be able to have her run in a race alongside .e Not to beat her but to show her that it is about setting goals and beating yourself. This is my race at my pace. I’m not here to judge anyone and people that judge me are insecure about themselves in some way. I am in week 4 of training for my first half marathon and my long run coming up on Saturday will be 8 miles. I’ve done 8 miles before but it’s been a while. I am excited to get there and more excited to surpass that number.

Having a race to look forward to has also really upped my motivation. I am running more consistently and really taking into account how I am feeling. I have started a run 4 minutes walk 1 minute to keep myself in the game. It allows me to focus on those times rather than how far I’ve gone in such a short peiod of time. I can tell myself one more minute.

Sometimes I really think that’s how life can be just one more minute. Maybe that is where you are currently you just need to tell yourself one more minute. It may be what gets you through. I know sometimes that is just what I need.

I hope if you are reading this you are inspired to do a little better tomorrow than you did today. Maybe just for an extra minute tomorrow. I am going to focus on doing better just one more minute.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, just try for more minute, be kind, be you.


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