Invest in you

Ahh the joys of packages arriving. My 4 year old A loves to check for boxes. She seems to think they are for her. Thanks pandemic, Christmas, and her birthday for those thoughts. Hahaha.

Today she was excited there was a box at our door. She brought it in and asked if it was her. She was then disappointed that it was not for her but for me.

What was inside the box?

New running shoes. These were just launched by Brooks on Monday. I am grateful to be able to purchase them. I can’t wait to go for a run for them in the morning. Tomorrow is a rest day so I’ll make it an active rest day just to get a test run in.

My test run tomorrow will help me decide if I am going to do my Saturday long run in them. I am going to rotate shoes and hopefully will be able to wear these new ones for race day in March.

I have developed a real love for running shoes. Brooks have become my favorite. Ghost and Glycerin are both great. As long as they stay as good as the pairs I have I will be a customer. They are super comfy and my feet don’t hurt after wearing them.

My mom actually tried to convince to buy some ugly shoes to wear once when I got plantar fasciitis. I swore to her that I would not spend that much in shoes when I saw the price tag. Then I decided to really get into running and needed good shoes. I did not buy the brand my mom suggested because they aren’t running shoes. However, here a I am now with these great shoes and I advocate for people to get shoes that are good quality. Yes they are going to cost more but you need to take care of your feet.

I have seen so many times to make time for your health now or you will have to take time off from your job for illness later. I have taken time to make my health a priority and to make my healthy habits very visible for my own sake and to show my daughter.

I think investing in things like good quality running shoes is a great way to reward yourself. I also like to have nice work out clothing. I have an outfit for race day already because I need to train in it before the actual race to make sure everything works well. I’ll share more of my prerace strategies and what I am using in a few weeks. After the race I’ll give a rundown of what happened for that day. I am so excited about race day and it is still over a month away.

The new shoes sparked more excitement. I love that excitement and I hope that anyone reading this can get a little excited even if it is through me. Invest in something for you to help you with your routine. It could be big or small but sometimes we need to indulge in something for ourselves.

J knows that running is very important to me so much so that he had actually planned on my new shoes being a Valentine’s Day present. Then I sent him a link to something else I really wanted that will also be for running. I love the support that I get from him to keep doing this crazy running thing. I hope you all have someone in your corner that knows how important self-care is. If you don’t I will be that person. We can work through this together.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, invest in you, be kind, be you.


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