An extra day off

An extra day off. I enjoy these days. I have entire day to get things done or do nothing at all. It is my choice. No time to be somewhere no designated lunch break. “Normal” people probably sleep in, but I don’t. I was up around 530 it is just my routine.

I am choosing to get things done today. I had a pretty productive weekend and I am going to keep that going.

This past Saturday I did my farthest distance so far (10 miles) and I am on track with my training plan. I know that last week I didn’t do my best on my short training runs through the week but I am not focusing on the past. I know where I need to work so now goals for this week.

I did have to change my shoes halfway through my ten mile run. Not sure if I am sending my shoes back and exchanging for a different pair. I am going to give them another try on Wednesday for a six mile run. If my feet are hurting after that I will work on contacting the company to exchange to another style I know work for me.

I did get a great present yesterday. New ear buds. Oh Samsung how I love these ear buds. They are working great so far. Hopefully on my long run on Saturday they will stay charged for the whole distance.

I am looking forward to the half marathon. It is going to be colder than I am used to running in but I know that I can do it. I am very proud of myself for staying on this training plan. I normally would’ve given up by now. I think having a live race is keeping me extra motivated.

Having extrinsic motivation is helpful for a lot of people including me. I also feel like a badass when I finish another long distance and a race. I have also developed a love of running because it is just about me.

I have said it so many times before find something for you. Running is my thing. Maybe you want to volunteer or make crafts. Whatever you like to do make time for it. We only get this one life and should make the most of it.

I hope that people that are struggling can find one moment today that is a bright spot. One thing to be thankful for or grateful for. I know from personal experience that sometimes it seems hopeless but look for one bright spot.

I am very lucky to have a great support system. I can focus time on me because of this. I believe we all struggle but they are all different. We have to lift each other up no matter our situation. We need to stop tearing each other down.

My challenge to you today is to focus on you. Find the one bright spot in your day. Write it down, put it in the comments here, text or email it to yourself. I challenge you to smile more today.

I am very thankful for the life I’ve been able to build so far. I am continuing to build my life up and build up those around me. Happiness is up to you and you alone take my challenge today. Let me know how it goes.

Until next time,

Go for a run, do something you are passionate about, challenge yourself, be kind, be you.


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